Sylvringen historical tour
(3,5 hours walk)

Start time: On request
Approx. 3,5 hours, 6 km on foot
Minimum: 8 persons.
Price: 450,- NOK pr person
Admissionpasses to churces and tastesamples at dairy included.

Experience Vik through history.

The tour starts with Vikøyri and the beachdweller settlement. We visit the Hopperstad stavechurch and Hove Stonechurch. On our way we pass several burialmounds an other interesting sights. We also have the pleasure to introduce You to the local cheese, "gamalost" 

We take You for a walk to remember.

On our way we will stroll inbetween small pittoresque  homes and boathouses that makes up the beachdveller settlemet at Vikøyri. We will also visit one of the small homes that still is left as it was back in the days.
The Hopperstad stavechurch is a "must see". The church is the oldest stavechurch in Norway  and exhibits Norways contribution to world architecture.
Hove stonechurch from the same periode as the stavecurch may not be as grand as the cathedrals in europe, but it is uniqe in Norway, and well worth the visit.
On our walk You also will also hear about the interesting findings that was made when some of the burialmounds was excavated.
Included in the tour is a taste of the local speciality, "gamalost". The recepie for this cheese origin in vikingtimes, and are still beeng produced at the local dairy. Along with the cheese You will have locally made rasberryjuice. 
After completing the tour, we hope You had a day to remember and that You also will appriceate the beauty of Vik like we do. All our trips are in cooperation with our partners
Blix Hotel, Tine Dairy Vik, National Trust of Norway, and Visit Sognefjord