Hovsåsen, a "Norwegian Sunday hike"

Participate on a hike with photostop at viewpoint.

Start time: On request
Approx: 4,5 hours 12 km hike medium level
Minimum: 12 persons
Price 450,- NOK pr person incl tax
Packed lunch, fruit, water and coffee included. Good shoes and clothing manditory
Highest level at 302 m above sealevel

Join a typical Norwegian Sunday hike

We start the hike at sealevel and make a short stop at the Blix Hotel where You will be presented a small backpack containing Your lunch and waterbottle. We pass both Hopperstad stavechurch and Hove stonechurch on our way, but we will not go inside. On our way we also pass several burialmounds and other interesting sights. Our guide will inform You of all sights on our hike as we pass them. After a steep ascent, we stop for lunch and photobrake just after hitting the top point of our hike. Here You will have a stunning wiev of the village. On our way back we pass through the rich agricultural landscape formed after the iceage.
After completing the hike, we hope You had a day to remember and that You also will appreciate the beauty of Vik like we do. All our trips are in cooperation with our partners
Blix Hotel, Tine Dairy Vik, National Trust of Norway, and Visit Sognefjord

Sylvringen AS - Org.nr 917 323 534