Vikøyri, a Walk in cultural history (1,5 hour walk)

Start time: On request.
Approx. 1,5 hours on foot.
Minimum: 4 persons.
Price: 350,- NOK pr person incl tax

Join us for a walk in historically surroundings at Vikøyri. We will stroll between small picturesque  homes and boathouses that makes up the beachdweller settlement at Vikøyri. We will also visit one of the small homes that still is left as it was back in the days. The tour will include a taste of the local specialty, "gamalost" which is a cheese that has its origin in vikingtimes. The local dairy is the only dairy in Norway producing this cheese today. Along with the cheese You will be served a raspberry juice. Vik municipality produces approximately 25% of all raspberries in Norway. All our trips are in cooperation with our partners
Blix Hotel, Tine Dairy Vik, National Trust of Norway, and Visit Sognefjord

Sylvringen AS - 917 323 534